This is still a working document. Putting on paper what has been living in my mind for years now.

The website is gathering all information required to build a genuine Arch Linux iso from scratch. We will use any or all tools available to us. If they are not available, we make them.

It is not the intention to do a copy/paste from the ArcoLinuxB project, which allows you to build an ArcoLinux iso already today.

It is meant as study material for current and future developers of distributions working with Arch Linux.

It is meant to be as complete as possible.

We mean to read and gather other information from the net and you give a concentrated concoction of knowledge.

The end result should be a working iso of Arch Linux at different levels of completion.

We work in phases and build an iso from the ground up.

You can get in at any phase and continue from there.

You can build an iso at any phase and go our separate ways.

Needs to be fun for us. Creative and a learning process for everyone.

We will make mistakes and that is ok. We will adapt.

We intend to create a platform for discussions for developers and future developers on the discord channel of ArcoLinux.

There are many ways to build an iso. Can we explore them all? Is there a need to? Is there a “best pratices” approach?

It is meant to be a long-term project. Releasing a phase/video/article bi-weekly. There will always be the constraints of time. At least now we start the project that has been put off for a year or so.

We need to give the iso a name during our setup. We choose the name “Carli“.

Carli stands for Customized Arch Linux Iso.

The github at is ready to receive any and all githubs needed for the project.

Coloring of Carli has a meaning

C = color from ArcoLinux

AR = color from Arch Linux

L = color from the feet of our little linux mascotte called Tux

I = color from an iso – silver/grey