We compare the contents of the latest releng (48) to our Carli 9 content.

We build the Carli iso and change mkarchiso settings in order to be more verbose.

We test out our Carli iso and show you

  • how to start calamares in debugging mode
  • where the archiso folder resides (/run folder)
  • where the future system is being built (/tmp folder)
  • where the calamares log file is (/root/.cache)

For the moment we can still use customize_airootfs. 
That will change in one of the next archiso versions.

The just for fun section

Let us create a Carli xfce.

Autologin in Xfce is defined in /etc/sddm folder.

Let us create an Arch Linux iso even though it is not out yet on the Arch Linux website