Learning phase 6

CARLI Customized arch linux iso

Learn how to build a distro from scratch


You have been learning about Arch Linux and ArcoLinux via the 5 phases in our project. At some point in time you may wish to build your own distro/iso and start building it up from scratch. That is phase 6.

We advise you to start in the menu “Start here” and work your way down the menu.

The article “Goal and vision” will clarify what we aim for with the Carli project.

At the moment we are still thinking how to organize all the articles. We will change the structure as the project grows.

Check out the story line in the Carli menu.

Each month we will try to make another step in order to develop our own distro.


9 Creating a Carli keyring

9 Creating a Carli keyring

Look on the internet how others make a keyring and look for pkgbuilds. Personally I have used Manjaro as an example for ArcoLinux. With some common sense you can change it into the package you need. This time around I would like to use another source. I could have...

8 creating a gpg key to sign our Carli packages

8 creating a gpg key to sign our Carli packages

In this article we create a key to sign our packages. We follow this article to create the key. Ensure you create a good personal and private keyword. Use lastpass or bitwarden or other password generators....

Create a key to sign your packages

Create a key to sign your packages

Start by reading these pages to get a background notion of what we are going to do. We want to sign our packages with our personal and unique key so that pacman knows that that particular package is without a doubt created by one particular person and that there can...

Phase 6 – build an iso from scratch

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